Nivernaises Export

Meat is one of the most widespread foods on the planet today.

In many countries, it is the major component of the meal. It is also estimated that beef consumption will increase by 10% in the next decade.
However, consumers increasingly want to have access to products that are synonymous with quality, regardless of their region of origin. Thus, conscious of the stakes involved, the Boucheries Nivernaises group, strengthened by its know-how on the French market, wanted to launch its activity on the international market.
Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania are the five continents that our company serves in meat products. Thus, we participate in the development of the French culinary heritage on the international scene around one of its best assets: meat.

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Health certificates, approvals and import permits

Thanks to a dedicated team and our in-house veterinarian, we will draw up all the necessary documents for the proper receipt of your goods.