Excellence and Tradition

Quality and respect for the know-how of French gastronomy are the basis of our success. Tradition in innovation: our philosophy.

Thus, in order to seduce our customers, we have respected the authenticity of French products while adapting ourselves to the traditions and cultures of our customers, without ever forgetting our primary objective: to always go further to spread excellence.

From the cut to the plate, the Boucheries Nivernaises cultivate the French taste and supply the Parisian palaces, gastronomic and starred restaurants, ministries, bistronomes and all lovers of fine meats. Catering professions and art trades are combined in our practice, to the point of making the Boucheries Nivernaises a brand in a world that had none.

This extensive result is due to a very simple reason: attention to what we have been taught – the love of the craft and know-how, the quality of the selection and respect for the product.

A family visionfamiliale

When the Bissonnets talk about business sense, they are in fact pointing in one direction: to go ever further and spread excellence.

Their strength lies in the fact that they have made this company a group without forgetting who they are: craftsmen and traders.

In the end, the spirit that was already present in Suresnes reigned within the group: a joyful ardour to take all decisions as a family.

Where can you find the reasons for such success? In truth, this large-scale result is due to a very small cause: the attention to what they have been taught – the love of the craft and know-how, the quality of the selection and the respect for the product.

The family acts as a vector of transmission, an open family because more than one apprentice has entered it. There are now more than 200 of them perpetuating the tradition. Every day, before dawn, the ballet of vans leaving to fill the tables of the country and beyond, gives its rhythm to the story of a passion that continues to be written.