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Normandy Rib of Beef cut Publicis

Its bright red colour, marbling and fat well distributed on its flesh make it one of the most appreciated meats in the world. The Normandy breed is bred as its name suggests in Normandy but also in the Pays de la Loire and Brittany. Its way of life in temperate climates produces quality meat that is appreciated by connoisseurs.

Bavarian fillet of beef

Originally from Switzerland, the Simmental breed owes its name to the Simme Valley. Simmental cattle feed on grass and fodder and grow up in the Alps or in the Bavarian plains. With its abandoned fat added to its marbling, this meat is ideal for maturing.

Charolais Tournedos

This breed has a beautiful dark mahogany coat with long, curly hair and fine light horns. The salers comes from Auvergne, it is one of the oldest French breeds. Renowned for its remarkable flavour and nutritional qualities, this marbled meat has a magnificent wine-red colour.

Entrecote de Salers

Prepared in the fillet, this Tournedos has exceptional tenderness and tasteā€¦. The melting (and if possible slightly marbled) flesh of this meat will delight lovers of taste. Coming from the region of Luzy, this meat can be found on every continent (the crusaders would have transported this cow across the Mediterranean in their boats).